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iTest support for IE8 and Quality Center 9.2

I was working with a coworker today installing iTest 4.0 support for QC9.2. The QC client failed to execute itestcli from the test lab. I tried an number of options and nothing seemed to work. Recently IT pushed IE8 and he loaded it on his PC. I read the QC installation doc and it says their is only support for IE7. Does anyone know if iTest QC plugin will work with IE8? Is there any time frame for officially supporting IE8. I'm going to remove IE8 and downgrade his browser to IE7.
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It's not so much that iTest plugins don't work with IE 8. Quality Center 9.2 itself doesn't work with IE 8. Now I googled around and found that there are ways to make QC 9.2 work with IE8.  Others claim that with patch 26 for QC 9.2 IE 8 is supported.


We haven't tried any of these tactics in house though. I will talk to my co-workers and see if there are plans to test QC 9.2 with IE 8.


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You are right about QC9.2 ONLY supporting IE7 but that changed several weeks ago. HP released a patch that allows QC9.2 to work with IE8. I believe the patch was released by HP because Windows 7 only supports IE8 and companies are migrating to that platform - including mine.


Anyhow, QC9.2 does work on IE8 platform with a recent patch but I don't have the patch number.


It would be great if Fanfare can confirm if IE8 woks with the plugin correctly. I may have another issue but IE8 is suspect right now.



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!!!We are successfully running IE8 with iTest4.0 plugin!!!


I can confirm that the iTest plugin works with IE8. Another coworker upgraded to IE8 and he can use QC9.2 and iTest 4.0 without any issues.


I have another problem that I need to look into. There must be a client side issue that is keeping QC9.2 from launching the itestcli. I checked environmental variables and installed all the necessary VB SW to support iTest. I will dive in deeper on this issue.


IE8 doesn't appear to be an issue.



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That is great news! Did you get it working with the patch you mentioned?

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Can you post the error message that you see in the "Execution" window when itestcli fails to run the test?



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mbarfiel avatar image mbarfiel AmishP commented ·

I was able to get past the itestcli issue. I found that my coworker's PC didn't have iTest 4.0 in his PATH variable:

(PATH=C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 4.0;C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 4.0\iTestRT)


Now the itestcli run OK from QC.


But.....I hit another snag. I tried to edit his test script from QC and I get another path error trying to open the iTestScriptViewer. This file is located under:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\Quality Center


I made sure the file was there but I couldn't see a path issue with his PC. I cross checked his PC settings with mine and nothing jumped out.



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This again seems like a PATH related problem. The scriptviewer control will try to launch iTest (just like execution tries to launch itestcli) and it is not able to find that executable in PATH.

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mbarfiel avatar image mbarfiel KumarS commented ·

I removed IE8 and tried again with IE7. iTest worked fine after I removed IE8 and I didn't see any issues.


There may be some interoperability issues with IE8 and iTest. I looked at my browser and I'm running IE7. I mistakenly thought my PC was upgraded to IE8 but that wasn't the case.


QC has a patch that allow 9.2 run on IE8 so this may be something Fanfare needs to look at more closely.

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