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How to add rows values for SNMP MIBS

In iTest  when we open a snmp session  we are able to set or get one field  value in MIBS. But how to create or add one row values in SNMP MIBS.


For examble,
   Under  controller  MIBS, we have
    -ACL creation
    -Guest User Creation
    -Ap Group VLAN creation
    -Wlan Creation


Now if we want to create or add more row values how can do it?

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Adding rows in tables is a little weird in SNMP.  I suggest that you do some reading on this.  For example, I just found this page which seems to do a nice job of describing this.


In my experience, many devices have their own ways of dealing with table row management.  You'll need to check for yours what the mechanism is.  Typically, it will mean doing a SET operation on a specific OID relative to the table.  In an iTest test case, you can add a step that will do that SET to get the behavior your want.

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How to configure or create SNMP community, wlan, AP group VLAN , Guset user ,ACL from controller SNMP MIBS session?
How to edit the objects which have access as 'ReadCreate'?

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To configuring the SNMP community values, you need to connect to the device first (console or telnet/ssh) and then set it.

Convetion is SNMPv2 typicall use "public" for community (ReadOnly) and "private (meaning, user defined)" for write community (ReadWrite) values.


That mean, you must login to the device and set the SNMP community values, first.

Once you have set the commnunity values, iTest SNMP session allows you to connnect to the device and get/set all available SNMP OIDs for you.

Note that you must have the matching SNMP version and community value in your iTest SNMP session profile.


For wlan, AP group VLAN , Guset user ,ACL and other configuration settings for your device, you need to also set the "write community"  from iTest SNMP session.


By definition, the ReadCreate is the same as ReadWrite.


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You can perform SET/GET operations on objects having "ReadWrite"/"ReadCreate" access by wlaking to the particular OID and clicking on the 2 buttons present on the top right hand side of the iTest SNMP session. Attahced are the screenshots for "get" and "set" buttons.

Please set the "Write community" on iTest session for configuration settings for the device. Attached is the screenshot.

Hope this helps.



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seep avatar image seep VidyaH commented ·

 Thanks for your information.
   I am able to do with set and get action with ReadWrite access.

    But my question was 'how to add 'wlan entry' or one entire row in WLan config MIBS table.

     Please refer the below screen shot which describes wlan MiBs object.




     When I am clicking the row values of that Mibs. the values are seen with  ReadCreate access.


     If any possible way to edit that objects or add entire wlan entry as one row on this table.

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mibs1.JPG (143.8 KiB)
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Adding rows values will be possible if we understand the behaviour of the device on how it deals the table row management. If you read the earlier post from PaulD, he has given a link on adding the new rows in SNMP table and also mentioned to use "SET" action in iTest testcase.




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Hi Raratan,

There is a confusion here. Let me know whether you are trying to add or create rows in the snmp browser or is it you want add some more rows to this MIBs list.

If you are trying to add the rows while on the MIB browser, I believe that is not possible from iTest. iTest will only list the rows just like other mib browser. We cannot add or remove the rows from the list.

But if you want to add the rows, then you have to modify the MIB files and add some more objects and properties in it.

Please help us to understand the issue more clearly, so that we can help you.

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