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iTest v5.0 now available!

We are very pleased to announce the next major release of iTest. This release includes new features and bug fixes; highlights include:

Capture in debug mode

In execution mode during a debug session, manual steps will be captured and added to the test report and capture view

Openstack Session

This new session type can be used for creating and managing cloud infrastructure built using OpenStack components

Workflow enhancements

Project setup wizard: Creates reference session, quick call library and links to a response map library by means of a wizard.

Quikcall wizard: New wizard to create quick calls during capture.

Procedure enhancements: Adding the option to return JSON structured data from a quick call or procedure call

A new field substitution option: to enable substitution of procedures in command description and rules

ItestRT - 64-bit

64-bit version of iTestRT

Updates to certifications for Spirent equipment:

Spirent TestCenter: 4.31 GA

Spirent Avalanche: 4.31 GA

Spirent Landslide: 12 GA

Updates to certifications for Ixia equipment:

IxTraffic: 6.70 EA-Patch1

IxNetwork: 7.30 EA-Patch1

IxLoad: 6.30 EA

The complete list of fixes included in this release is available in the Release Notes.


The installer for Spirent iTest 5.0 is available from Spirent’s Customer Support Center (CSC) for immediate download. This version is a free upgrade to all iTest customers that are current on their maintenance contract.


Customers using Spirent iTest V4.4, v4.3.x, v4.2.x or v4.1.x can upgrade to v4.3.1 using the installer that can be downloaded from the CSC. Additionally, customers using Spirent iTest v4.4 and with connection to the Internet can also upgrade directly from the update site.

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