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Can I get details on what's changed and how to use the Improved Spirent Forums?

Just to set things straight-- we continue to use the same back-end system to run the Forums--only the user interface has changed. That means all your posts, your reputation/karma points and user details persist. The most important and frequently used functions, like reading posts, asking questions, searching, viewing topics and selecting spaces continue to be found in the same place. When in doubt, hover your mouse pointer over something, and a popup will appear to help explain what it is. See below for more details on what has changed.

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Note: this is not primarily to help you learn how to use the Spirent Forums. For that, take a look at the Video and the Forums Help section. Instead, longtime users can read this to know where to find certain things in the new interface. Note that this is also not a comprehensive list of changes, but should offer enough information to get you back up and running with a quick 2 minute read.

Asking and Answering Questions

  1. The "Ask a question" button is almost in the same place in the upper right, but the button color has changed from navy blue to green.
  2. "Tags" have now been renamed to "Topics", which we believe is simpler and more descriptive.
  3. When typing a question, comment or answer, the box has replaced Markdown syntax with a more user-friendly WYSIWYG entry method. While Markdown is faster for expert users, it requires users to learn specific usage rules to fully achieve the desired formatting. WYSIWYG brings formatting simplicity to everyone.
  4. If you need to edit one of your posts, the link has been moved to the right of the post, showing up as a dark gray gear graphic (a sprocket, a cog, a black flower?)-- clicking on it opens up a menu with "Edit" as the first choice.
  5. Along with Edit, other question options have been moved under that same gear graphic.

Other Changes

  1. The search engine on these Forums have been improved, offering ways to sort by relevance or created date, but also enabling filters to allow you to select date ranges, authors and topics
  2. Spaces allow you to choose particular sections and audiences. All registered users have access to the Products Community space, which focuses on questions about Spirent products. For those that have access to more than one space, the Spaces selection has moved to the right of the "Ask a question" button.
  3. Looking at unanswered questions used to be a link just to the left of the search box. It now shows up when you click "All Questions" at the top of the list of questions. There's also a new "Recommended Questions" choice here that offers questions that pertain to your chosen topics-- it's a way to help filter the questions to the ones that interest you most.
  4. All Spirent employees using the Forums are now marked with a "Staff" icon next to their name.
  5. To the right of the "Spaces" droplist is the "Explore" droplist. Clicking on it will allow you to browse Forum Questions, Topics, Users and Badges.
  6. We have removed the ability to downvote a question or answer, and instead you can offer an upvote by clicking the "Like" button.
  7. Karma Points has been renamed to Reputation Points.
  8. Once you have 15 Reputation Points, you're allowed to report off topic or spam posts. This can be done by clicking the dark gray gear icon to the right of the question when you open it up. Learn more about what privileges you get for achieving certain Reputation Points.
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