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How Can I Setup Direct Login to a Device Behind a Jump Server?



I am currently trying to setup a TestBed that represents a physical network I have in place. Unfortunately all the devices are accessible from a Jump server, and I can not find a way within iTest to create direct access over the Jump server. So for every test case I need to open the session (to the Jump Box) and then use commands to log on to the required equipment. With this limitation the TestBed offers little benefits as each device has the same session profile, and only gets access to the Jump server.


Is there any way of directly login on to a piece of equipment in my network setup (i.e. behind a jump server) through a session profile? Or parameterising a quick call procedure to allow the session to be called and then a procedure to quickly fire the commands necessary to telnet onto the correct device?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Stephen,


May I know whether you are able to connect to the devices behind the jump server directly(without iTest).


If not then easy way is to write a procedure/quickcall to open the session(jump server) and add the commands to connect to the devices and use this wenever necessary.


Hope this helps you.




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We can access the equipment through a telnet agent (like putty), but again this is through the jump server as the test network is isolated from the corporate network.


I currently have a session profile with a quick call test case associated to it. Within this I have created a generic procedure "login" that is a parameterised input process that ensures the username and password are entered correctly and a telnet session is started to a generic device. I then have a number of bespoke procedures within the quick call test case that contain the specific router information (username, password, hostname) and calls the generic login procedure.

Finally with my testbed each device is assigned the same session profile (as described above) and inherits the quick call test case. Within the libraries tab I then select the specific procedure (aligning to the router) that I want to run.


This has allowed me to start a session directly to a device (sort of) via the test bed. I was just hoping there might be an easier method of implementing this? I would have assumed the use of a jump server is normal for most test networks.

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