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Is there any native TCL API that can be used the track the utilization of STC ports?

Hi Larry, The customer is using Lab server for port reservation but it doesn't reflect the actual time of reservation. Say user has reserve the port for 10 hrs and release the ports after 5 hrs but still it will show that ports are reserved for 10hrs. So they want to know whether there is any STC native TCL API which can track below points. 1. Total reservation time. 2. Actual port reserve/release time. If ports are left idle then for what duration. 3. Any control plane traffic is pumped and for what duration. Hope this help everyone to understand the issue better. Thanks, Nawraj
Spirent TestCenter (STC)api
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Please be more specific as to what you mean by utilization. You can edit your question to include a description of what you are asking. Larry
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