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New Landslide user looking for web based training

I’m a new Landslide user and I’m looking for web based training on basic administration, test configuration, and results analysis, does anyone know of a good resource?
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The help file is very good.
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I know this post is a bit dated but are there any plans to update the Essential of Landslide training to a more current release?

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Yes. Spirent has web based Landslide training available on the Spirent CSC at The Essentials of Landslide web based training is an introductory training series that walks you through the basics of the Landslide test system. This course provides general knowledge of the Landslide system, hardware, administration, and application. The Video Presentations will teach the new user how to use the application, concepts, and terminology specific to the Landslide hardware, features, and functionality. The course itself consists of separate modules for: - **Hardware and Architecture Capabilities**: Provides an overview of hardware management ports and test interfaces, Landslide TAS (Test Administration Server) and TS (Test Server) functions, messaging between user, TAS, and TS, and an overview of Landslide capabilities. - **Landslide Test Applications**: Introduces users to the interfaces, protocols, and devices that each Landslide test application is designed to test in GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), WiFi and WiMax networks. - **Landslide Test Activities**: Provides an overview of the capacity test, handoff test, MIP (Mobile IP) revocation, QoS (Quality of Service) update test, session loading, and session loading with mobility. - **Landslide Test Options**: Discusses Landslide test options. In addition to configuration of control traffic, Landslide users may also configure data traffic, DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol), EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol), IPSec, and SUT (System Under Test) Query. - **Landslide Browser Introduction**: Discusses the Landslide Browser page. It contains an overview of links, including test results, user guide, troubleshoot java web start problems, and support/downloads, an overview of tools, including TAS Manager, Tcl API, and LandslideGlobal.xls, and buttons to launch the Landslide client application and results manager application. - **Landslide TAS (Test Administration Server) Manager**: Provides an overview of TAS Manager functions related to TAS status, file cleanup, backup, upgrade, licensing, NTP (Network Time Protocol) status, and logs. - **Landslide System Administration**: Provides an overview of the Landslide client, user account administration, SUT (System Under Test) administration, TS (Test Server) administration, test suite importer/exporter, test data files, customer libraries, client settings, and system shutdown. - **Landslide Client Application Work Environment**: Provides an overview of the Landslide GUI (Graphical User Interface) menu, navigation bar, and status bar, initial test session creation, network browser tab navigation, the session builder tab, automation control, and setting pass/fail criteria. It also provides an introduction to the real time logs and reports tab, the relationship between test cases and a test session, and initial test case configuration. - **Landslide Test Results and Reporting**: Provides an overview for Landslide real-time results on the Logs and Reports tabs, the Landslide user guide measurement reference. It also provides information on obtaining .pcap files for a Landslide test interface, accessing saved test results and .pcap files, generating reports, and using the Landslide Results Manager.
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Please note that you must have a valid Spirent Support Contract in order to have access to the Essentials of Landslide Course. Once you are logged into the CSC you would select the Training link at the top of the screen in order to access the training materials.
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