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Prompt not returned after java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (iTestRT 4.2.2)

I am using iTestRT 4.2.2 during a test run a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError was thrown and iTest went down. While I have identified and fixed the cause of the OutOfMemoryError iTestRT failed to return the bash prompt. Since the prompt was not returned the script that normally cleans up after such errors was not run as execution never "ended." Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround? I would have expected iTestRT to close entirely after this kind of error. I have captured logs, but I do not know which are useful. I can produce them upon request.
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Hi, Yes, Please provide the logs that you have captured and also provide the iTestRT bat file. You can get the bat file from the following location: (Path to the iTest installation folder)/iTestRT/itestrt.bat Thanks, Vijay
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The logs I have are too big to upload I got them from /temp I also cannot find the bat file you reference. Are there specific log files that I can get that would help?
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Hi, I just edited the post. So please go to the specific folder and provide us the file. If you are unable to upload the log file because of its size, upload the file in ftp(ShareFile FTP Site) and send us the link. Or you could possibly post a query at Thanks, Vijay
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