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iTest v4.3 now available!

We are very pleased to announce the next major release of iTest. This release includes two major features that we are really excited about — features that provide strong benefits and value to our customers and that strengthen iTest’s position as the leader in commercial tools in network test automation. **Selenium Session Type:** We have revamped and radically enhanced our web testing capabilities by integrating iTest with Selenium, the de-facto web-testing platform. Nearly all QA teams that perform web testing are looking to use Selenium or are already using Selenium. The integration is designed for the long term to both make native use of Selenium’s already feature-rich libraries, and to seamlessly incorporate any new functionality added by the Selenium development team. Over time, the Selenium integration will enable us to expand our supported browser list to include Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others requested by our customers. Crucially, we designed the integration to be backward compatible with all tests written using our existing Web session type. This should make it extremely easy for our customers to transition to the more powerful, flexible, and extensible Selenium environment. **Improved Spirent TestCenter Integration:** One of the most common requests we hear from customers is to have complete access to all STC functionality while preserving their existing test cases. These customers also want to work with just one iTest integration. We are excited to announce that iTest 4.3 implements a new high-level API on STC to combine commands from all existing STC integrations (CLI, GUI, and NTAF) into a single session type. The new intelligent console is stateful and provides improved dynamic help. This release also supports multi-chassis and STCv. **Test Equipment Updates:** This release includes support for the latest test equipment versions: *Spirent Test Equipment:* - Support for STC 4.30 - Support for Avalanche 4.30 - Certification for Landslide 11.5 *Ixia Test Equipment:* - Support for IxOS 6.50.950.8 EA-Patch1 - Support for IxLoad EA - Support for IxNetwork 7.11.840.30 EA **Core Updates:** Additional enhancements available in this release include: - Updates to Script Library Support (SLS), that provide improved user experience and a strong platform for supporting additional languages (like Perl and Python) in a future release - Updates to the Topology editor that allow inheritance, an improved and a more powerful search, and multi-select - Many bug fixes that improve performance and stability **Availability:** The installer for Spirent iTest 4.3 is available from Spirent’s Customer Support Center (CSC) for immediate download. This version is a free upgrade to all iTest customers that are current on their maintenance contract. We are all very excited about this release and hope you are too!
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