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Execution Monitor

Posting on behalf of my customer:



   I am implementing a plugin to report the test case status at a particular step.  I used Execution Monitor.

   Now I want to get the parameters name and values set for the test case ( test script ).


   When we implemented IReportHandler then it was available through getResolvedParameters() function,

 But same is not available through engine interface.  

  I tried following

  engine. getTestReport().getResolvedParameters()

  but it returns Empty array.


  Can you please let me know how to get it.


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I'm not positive, but I suspect that this all depends on when that call is made.  The resolved parameters are probably not computed until after execution completes.  But the monitor (unlike the test report handler) is involved while execution is still underway.

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But I need parameters and their current values.  So, is there any other way to get in engine.



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Hi Pangoel,


Hopefully Wei will chime in here with what is available.  I believe that the parameters might not be available through the SDK at this time.  That being said, there might be workarounds and it could certianly be enhanced.


What are you hoping to do with the parameters when you get them?  i.e. there might be another way to accomplish what you're trying to accomplish.



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  This is related to report sending.  Internaly we have a system where the reports needs to be submitted at the end of test case.

  We have report handler which will write report at the end of one fftc file ( Bill Schonger had implemented this).  Now the requirement

  is to send these reports on test case basis ( There will be many test cases per fftc file ).  So, thought of using Execution monitor for that

  purpose and use onPreparingStep(...) in executionlistener. 

  I am checking if the action is summarize ( just for the trial purpose ) and then taking action to send this report to internal server.

  But internal server needs some format and that data is filled ( at present solution ) in parameters.

  So, if I get access to these parameters then I don't have to do much to fulfill the requirement. 

  But I am open to any suggestion which might accomplish this.



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