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iTest cannot connect to IxLoad

I am having troubles starting an IxLoad session through iTest. Earlier iTest and IxLoad we on the same machine. Due to which I was able to give in the appropriate TCLLIBPATH and PATH variables and set the "Tcl Server IP Address" field in the IxLoad session page as "localhost". And it worked just fine.


But now the Ixload is on a windows machine and iTest is on a separate (linux) machine. So this time around im not sure what TCLLIBPATH and PATH variable needs to be. I've set them as before on the windows machine. Do I need to set these variables on the linux machine (as that's where the iTest is)? Also im not sure if filling the "Tcl Server IP Address" filed with the IP address of the windows machine is enough.


This is the error I keep getting


Fanfare Ixia IxLoad command interpreter. Copyright (c) 2005 - 2008, The Fanfare Group, Inc.

Using external tcl interpreter
tcl version: 8.4.7
tclsh location: /usr/cisco/bin/tclsh
tcl library: /usr/share/tcl8.4
tcl package search path: /usr/share/tcl8.4 /usr/share /usr/cisco/lib /usr/lib

Loading TCL helper scripts...OK

Loading TCL package 'IxLoad'...error
    can't find package IxLoad
Possible resolution:
    TCLLIBPATH environment variable should contain the path to the IxLoad libraries.
    Typically, if you installed IxLoad to the <InstallDir> then libraries are in
    and '<InstallDir>/ixia/lib/IxLoad'
    For example, if IxLoad software is installed in "/home/user/IxLoad",
    try to set TCLLIBPATH to "/home/user/ixia/lib"
    and "/home/user/ixia/lib/IxLoad".
    TCLLIBPATH's entries are space separated and all the directory separators must be forward slashes.


Press ENTER key to start a new session in this window...



These are my env variables set on the windows machine:


TCLLIBPATH: "C:/Program Files/Ixia/IxLoad/5.0-EA-Patch1/TclScripts/lib/IxLoad"

PATH:                C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxNetwork\5.40-EA-Patch1\tcl8.4\bin


I used to get this same error when i was working on a single machine but when i set the env variables properly the error went away.


If anyone has started an Ixload session on iTest where the Ixload is installed on a different machine pls let me know,

Thanks in advance,


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To work with Ixload on Linux you need to do the following setup


1. Install IxOS Linux client (for example to home/user/ixia/IxOs) using IxOs installation

2. Install IxLoad Linux client libraries(for example home/mojito/ixia/IxOs/IxLoadTclApi5.0.117.28.Linux)

3. Install launch TCL server on windows PC

4. Add IxOs libraries to TCLLIBPATH (for example home/user/ixia/IxOs/lib)

5. Add IxLoad libraries to TCLLIBPATH (for example home/user/ixia/IxOs/lib/IxLoad)


IxLoad requires TCL server running on Windows PC and you can specify the Windows Machine IP address in "Tcl Server IP Address" Field of IxLoad Session profile.

Hope this helps!!!

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