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Is Swing capture work fine in 3.4 GA?

I did capture some steps in application and the capture view shows 'click->left' etc, no target is shown.

In another case, I have tried executing test scripts, developed in 3.3.1, and I could not see this working either; setText action fails here.

iTestGUI Testing(Web-Java Swing-etc)
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Not capturing a target string during a click is definitely a bug. Does that happen all the time on that target or it just happened that one time?

This will help us get to the bottom of the issue.

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Every time. PFA snapshot.
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Interesting. Is this not the same application you were earlier using? I thought we had capture working on that one using the Beta.


Anyway, when you get a chance I'd need two pieces of information for you. You can either post it here or log a bug with Fanfare Support (You should log a bug with support anyway)


1) Can you take a snapshot of the application at the point where the click fails;  and proved the XML response for the snapshot action. 

2) In your LAX file point the stdout and stderr to console. Enable debug mode on in Windows->Preferences->iTest->SessionType->Swing. Now open the Console view. Start the application and perform the click that fails. In the console view select the 'swingApplication' console and send the content of the console. 


If this doesn't sound straightforward, we can arrange a breeze session to debug this issue. 

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Hmm.. I remember you asked me to add 'DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl' in classpath the other day. Hence, the Swing path becomes as below in 3.4 GA. (Are you making it into Release Notes??)

-javaagent:"C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 3.4\plugins\\SwingTestHarness.jar" -Xbootclasspath/a:"C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 3.4\plugins\\SwingTestHarnessInterfaces.jar";"C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 3.4\plugins\\SwingTestHarness.jar";"C:\Program Files\Fanfare\iTest 3.4\plugins\\xmlwriter-2.2.jar"

Now, the capture shows the target correctly. Still, File -> Exit action does not work. FYI.

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Right! I will ensure that the release notes have this information.

I'm glad it is working again. 


Unable to capture "File->exit" is a known limitation in our capture code. We will  enhance our capture capabilities with time. For these limitations, the 3.3 way of capture through the swing panel still works. 

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