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How to capture right clicks ?


I start a web session, login and then goto a link where a list of users(names) will appear. I want to edit one of the user.

I right-click on a username and and then click "edit user" and then edit the user.

But  while generating testcase, the right-click on a username  is missing, so when I run the testcase it keeps on waiting for the "edit user" link.


How do I do the right click to capture ?

The list of user is actualy a flex embedded in webpage.

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Hi xmac,


As per your description if you are accessing something which is flex (or flash) then you need to enable support for flex session in web session profile.(attached screenshot).


Also  we need to deploy three files (iTestFlexWrapper.swf ,iTestAutomationEnvironment.xml, iTestFlexAgent.swc ) in the hosting server. You could find these files in "<installation direcory>iTest 4.1\plugins\\lib"


Thios two steps wil help iTest to capture the flex actions.


Hope this will help you.



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Hi msandeep,


Thanks for the quick reply, Can you please elaborate the step 2 .

Where axactly should I deploy those files ?

What do you mean by a hosting server ? Is it the server where I access the webpages ?

And where in hosting server should I deploy ? My  serve ris a linux box.



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Hi mac,


Yes, you need to put these files in the server from where you are accessing the webpage.


There are several web servers for linux like apache(most common). In Apache you could find a hosting folder (htdocs). You could see the web hosting files are there.You need to put these three files with those hosting files. So that iTest can capture those flex actions.


Hope this will help you.



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Ok, I tried this, but still my iTest is not able to detect right-clicks,

Can I know what is the command that is used to do a right-click so that I can manually find the target and manually enter the command to right click on the target.

Please let me know.


Becuase I tried the command "rightclick" but it throws an error like " The action "rightclick" is not supported for EXEC steps"

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Sounds like you have the wrong session on that step - it shouldn't be showing as EXEC, instead it should be showing as a Flex step.


If you send us your test case file and associated session profiles then we can take a look at what is wrong in your step and give you better advice on how to fix it.

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I have attached both  testcase and the session profile.

In the test case after step 4 Im doing a right-click, which is not shown in the autogenerated testcase.

Instead it going directly to step5 (ie :link=Edit User;) 

Please Let me know if you get the solution

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new_testcase.fftc (3.2 KiB)
dmm_bala.ffsp (451 B)
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Hi there xmac--sorry for the late reply. So, the website in the session you uploaded ( appears to be a GoDaddy placeholder (see attached screenshot). If you could get us a test case and session profile on a website that we can access, that would be excellent. In the mean time, I will continue to look into this issue.



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godaddy.png (203.9 KiB)
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OK, so looking at this it does appear that this is a bug. The Flex recorder should track right clicks and right now does not. We will try to get this fixed in a future release. 



PS: You should note that the test case you provided us was based not on a Flex session but a web one. To track actions on Flex widgets inside a web page, you need to ensure that you have a Flex session open. 

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Hi there Srijith. While the Flex session doesn't record right clicks, it does appear to be recording when the user selects custom context menu items, and seems like it's handling their target information OK. What it's not logging are the default Flash context menu items, e.g., Play, Loop, &c. Can you get us a test case that we can use to reproduce the error? Thanks!



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xmac avatar image xmac rmehlinger commented ·

Sorry. I did not work in this as we have decided to suspend all flex automation efforts as of now as we are facing lots of issues not only regarding right-clicks. So start posting as soon as we resume automation on flex.

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Hi Srijith,

It would help us to know issues you found during flex automation. I have asked our support engineer to get in touch with you,we can track all issues and provide workaorunds/fixes at the earliest possible.


Request your help to listing your issues and sending it to iTest support team.




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