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Can't connect with 4.0

With 3.4 and license server 11.7, our VPN users were able to connect just fine. With the same license server, and a 4.0 license file, they can not. The license dialog box comes up, and freezes right away; it can only be killed with the task manager.

Has anyone else seen this? How can we fix it?

iTestinstallation - licensing
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Unfortunately we have an outstanding bug with Flexera involving just this problem.  I presume your VPN users are on Windows machines? We will have to get the fix from them before this issue can be resolved.


One work-around would be for your users to borrow the license when they are physically on the same network, then when remote, turn off the VPN before starting iTest.  They should be able to turn the VPN back on afterwards.  License borrowing is a new feature in 4.0, however the maximum allowed time is under a week.


I realize that this might not be workable for you, in which case we don't really have any other fix right now.  The trouble is that their API enumerates the network interfaces on your system, and on Windows, especially Vista and Windows 7, when it encounters the Microsoft VPN virtual interface it freezes.  This happens irrespective of floating or node-locked licenses and without a fix from them there's nothing we can do.

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We have converted all of our files, only to find out that our remote users are dead in the water!!! A warning would have been nice.


I've raised a support request...and raised the roof with a few folks. BTW, this is our second significant problem with the new license client and/or server; not too happy about that, either.

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i am seeing exactly the same thing excpt it's on my linux itest 4.0. works fine on my windows but linux always freezes at the "check out license" dialogue..

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Most likely, that's not exactly the same thing, it is the other thing that I ran into.


When you configure licensing, iTest goes out and grabs all the license pieces that it can. In our case, that included our limited spirent license, but it could be anything that you don't have enough for everyone.


The next time you start iTest, it tries to get all of those licenses again. For the ones that it can't get--on linux only--it waits (forever, or until the license becomes free) for that license bit. You can see this in the log file for the license server:


13:39:05 (fanfare) DENIED: "iTestSpirentTestCenter" mickey@mouse  (Users are queued for this feature. (-24,332))
13:39:05 (fanfare) QUEUED: "iTestSpirentTestCenter" mickey@mouse  

 The good news is that, if you update both your license server and your linux iTest, this problem goes away.


I'll also note that fanfare doesn't do a good job of announcing when a new license server or an update to iTest are available. iTest 4.0.1 (at least, I haven't checked lately) is out, and that's the one that fixes this issue.


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ur absoultely. i deselected the licenses i don't need and it's all good now. thx for the reply!

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Also, just to tie up and close this thread, the license manager bug referred to in the first posts was fixed in the 4.0.1 release.  All new release announcements are made in the "Announcements" area of the community and release notes for all 4.0.x releases are viewable from the community wiki ( ) or also can be seen from within iTest by clicking Help > View iTest Release Notes.


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Cool, I've subscribed to that forum! Thanks for the pointer!

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