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Using iTest 4.0 Update Site

Note:  This instruction is intended for iTest 4.0 users only.  iTest 3.4.x users, please see document here.

Fanfare releases patch and bug-fix updates to iTest on a regular basis. Fanfare recommends that you update to the latest release of iTest whenever you need bug-fixes or when instructed to doso by your System Administrator.

The update site contains only minor releases, patches, and bug fixes. You cannot update majorreleases using the update site. For example, you can update iTest 4.0.1 to iTest 4.0.2, but  you cannot update iTest 4.0.x to iTest 4.1.  You must have a current license and maintenance agreement to upgrade.

Important:  In order to use the update site: Log in using the account that was used to install iTest (often administrator). For Windows Vista and Windows 7: If, while installing iTest, you selected the option to install as administrator, then you must launch iTest by right-clicking iTest.exe and  selecting Run as administrator.

Steps to Update iTest:

  1. Proxy server users only: If you use a proxy server to access the Internet, then, to access the update site, you must identify the proxy to iTest. (If you do not identify the proxy, an error results: “Network connection failed during the search.”)
    1. Start iTest and then click Window > Preferences.
    2. In the General group, select Network Connections.
    3. On the Network Connections page, in the Active Providers list, select Manual.
    4. Fill in the proxy information (your System Administrator can help) and then click OK.
  2. Start iTest and click Help > Check for Updates.
    iTest queries the Fanfare software update site. If you have the most recent version of iTest, then an Information dialog box reports that “There is nothing to update”. Otherwise, continue:
  3. On the Available Updates wizard, select the iTest entry and click Next.
  4. Review what will be installed and agree to licensing. Click Next in the remaining pages to finish the wizard. When the update completes, a dialog box prompts you to restart iTest. Restart iTest to begin using the updated version.
iTestinstallation - licensing
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Note: iTest and iTestRT and two separate products, and so must be updated independently. iTest is done from within the iTest GUI, and iTestRT is done from command line.

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Errm, huh? Updating itest via the GUI doesn't update itestrt?!?!


I can understand itestrt having a separate path for updating itestrt, since it might be on a system without itest, but there should be no reason for the entire product to not be updated when the GUI is updated.


Ugly, ugly, ugly.


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