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Where does iTest store prompts for each step?

I am debugging my testcase. I am looking at the test report and I would like to know where does iTest store prompts.


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For each CLI command, the prompt is stored as a built-in query "prompt()". You can view this query in Structure view (see screenshot). This query can also be used in analysis rule.

The Structure view is not shown in Execution or iTest perspective. You can open this view by clicking on the Show View button and choose Structure in the pull down list.

![alt text][1] ![alt text][2] [1]: /storage/attachments/1853-promptview2.JPG [2]: /storage/attachments/1854-promptview.JPG

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I think the key here is "debugging". As you can see in the attached screen shot, while I'm "Waiting for prompt", there's precious little in structure; certainly not any prompt. Typing prompt() into the evaluate box gives "No Such Function prompt". The Data window doesn't have it either.


Now, maybe that's not what the original poster meant, but there's just not a lot of information available when you're trying to debug. If you force a pause, Structure is completely empty, except for the grayed out <No current response>.



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When you are "waiting for prompt", then we haven't received a prompt, and therefore have nothing to tell you.  I wonder, perhaps, whether you are asking about how to find out about all of the prompts that iTest is waiting for?  If so, there isn't a single place where you can currently look to see this.  The list of possible prompts is determined at runtime by amalgamating information from the step properties, session properties from the open step, and any session properties in the testbed and/or session profiles.


Since this problem of missing prompts comes up fairly often, we could consider some kind of new feature so that you could see this at runtime during debugging. 


We have also been thinking about a feature where iTest would try to detect that you are stopped at a prompt that has not been configured -- in which case it would pop up a dialog asking you to confirm that -- and perhaps to add that prompt into your session properties.


In the meantime, let me know if you are having trouble figuring out why the prompts aren't working.  And if you have any good ideas on how to help deal best with prompts, I'd love to hear them.

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